Supersonic Mike

 I’m a big fan of brands that find a way to let users personalize an experience. JibJab lets you upload photos of you and your friends and star in hilarious music videos. M&Ms lets you create your own M&M avatar online. Now Sonic has gotten into the game with an easy online tool that generates a movie trailer starring…you. It also allows you to choose your co-stars from a lineup of offbeat characters.

I’ve never even been to a Sonic, but had a fun time watching the final movie trailer starring moi. Here are a couple of stills from the opening credits, the closing credits, and the suspenseful, pivotal, riveting scene wherein I get abducted by aliens via a mysterious green light. Oooooh, spooky. Silly fun, but the bigger point is I will more than likely give Sonic a try the next time I have the opportunity. Just please don’t tell my nutrition coach. She’s not the boss of me, anyway.


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