The Work

  • Desktop virtualization game: Brian Madden, a well-known virtualization guru among the target audience, was featured in a retro-style, interactive trivia game. The game was designed to show IT professionals how easy and efficient it is to integrate desktop virtualization into their infrastructure.

    The Jeopardy-type game featured video, Flash, graphics, music, and sound design. Brian’s emcee was based on a 50s game show host. Multiple questions allowed a different game each time, with interaction that included random-points questions and video questions. A leaderboard encouraged competition among this very competitive audience.

  • Web banners: Fun, game-themed web banners played off Brian’s emcee character and pushed people directly to the online game.

  • Online commercials: Two spots in each episode of Brian Madden TV, his weekly Web show about virtualization, promoted the game.