I heart Apple

Apple logo, Macintosh, computerYesterday I added to my Apple family with a gorgeous, 27″ Cinema Display, a new wireless keyboard, wireless Trackpad, and battery charger. So I got to spend the majority of the day reveling in the beautiful packaging as I set up my equipment, and breathing in that awesome, new-computer-accessory smell that we all love so much. I think I got a little dizzy. Or maybe that was the bottle of New Zealand sauvignon blanc I cracked open in celebration of my purchases.

I’ll be a little sad to see my 7-year-old iMac go to Computer Heaven, it has served me well, but not for long because this Cinema Display is freakin’ huge, freakin’ brilliant, and freakin’ beautiful. And it has more functionality than I thought it would. I especially like the way it automatically integrates with my laptop to function as an extension of its screen. I can put my email window over there, or some notes I need to consult periodically as I write whatever I happen to be working on. I remember when you had to buy a special card to install in the CPU itself for this to work. I remember because I used to write ads, brochures and data sheets for a company that made those special cards.

On top of all that, it took approximately four minutes in the Apple store to get my merchandise, pay, and be on my way. The email receipt was in my inbox before I made it out the door. Talk about a great brand.

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2 Responses to “I heart Apple”

  1. Jean says:

    Gee! I am jealous! Still using a Dell Latitude. I feel like Wilma Flintstone.

  2. Adal says:

    You’re such an apple lover Mike. Gee

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