USF’s Higher Standard campaign definitely sets one

If you live in SF, you’ve noticed a great campaign peppered all over the city (billboards, buses, kiosks, taxis, buildings) for USF, a Jesuit college that happens to be the city’s first university. Despite the school’s history and pedigree, they realized they had a very low awareness around town. This first-ever visibility campaign tries to change that.

What’s great about this headline-driven campaign is how it taps into the uniqueness of USF. According to the school’s press release, the lines marry the university’s commitment to academic excellence, culture of service, and passion for social justice – these concepts come through in nearly every one of the ads. Here are two examples, and there are lots more. On top of this, they also launched a student-targeted website, which explains the objectives behind the campaign, answers questions about it, and lets students download/share the ads themselves. I always like to see this part of a campaign [internal-facing engagement] included in the effort. It’s smart and can’t help but make the external-facing campaign elements more successful. Let’s hope more great lines will be rolling out, and that the campaign actually works. It would be great to see other schools run ads that communicate their uniqueness to prospective students as well as USF’s do.

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  1. Dana Fonteneau says:

    Awesome post! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! Thank you Mike!

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