Do girls have a brand?

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, I’ve been thinking about girls a good bit over the past few days.

It started with recent stories in the news about girls in China. I remember when the one-child policy was put into effect there, and the fears that the world at large held for female babies. Much of those dire predictions, unfortunately, bear out in the statistics. But that aside, I did find it interesting to read about the repercussions of the questionable policy.






Not too long after reading up on that topic, I logged onto Facebook and saw this hilarious picture on my 25-year-old nephew Jon’s wall.









Even funnier, and more intriguing/interesting, was the conversation Jon had with a buddy of his, also captured on his Facebook wall.


























The girls brand: it seems to change [in the East], yet it seems to stay the same [in the West].

I’m no authority, but it makes me smile. Not the situation in China; the situation in Brooksville, Fla.

Maybe girls should band together and hire a good agency.

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