Here comes the judge

Yours truly has been asked to judge the 15th Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards. This is the fourth year in a row I’ve participated in this event and it’s always nice to be asked back. The show received over 1,100 entries this year, in 13 categories. Thankfully, I won’t be judging them all myself.

There are a lot of awards shows in this business. This one focuses exclusively on the best websites of healthcare organizations, health companies, medical equipment firms, suppliers, and others – of all sizes. So during the judging process I can be looking at Aetna or Kaiser Permanente sites, as well as sites from companies most people don’t know, like Hopeful Circle or Sepsis Alliance.

What I like about doing this is seeing the vast spectrum of designs, interfaces, and messages that the variety of entrants display. It’s a great education for me to see how designers, information architects and copywriters are implementing their craft. At the same time, I learn about a host of healthcare initiatives that I otherwise wouldn’t even know about.

I’ll let you know how the judging goes, and who ends up earning the honors. Winners will be announced in Orlando this November.


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