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  • Corporate America is full of greedy bastards.

    Help keep the cosmic balance.

    You know the type. Big business seems to breed them. But for every back-stabbing windbag you meet, there are dozens of employees who actually care. About others, about their community, about the world. They’re the ones who ask for a workplace giving program. And because your company has to manage it, we’ve created the Workplace Giving Center. It’s an automated online pledge system that personalizes the giving process for every donor and transforms your old giving program into a more efficient, complete and effective one. Visit our website and see how this revolutionary new business tool taps into the beliefs of every employee and ignites them into action. Easy to implement and use, the Workplace Giving Center will change the way everyone thinks about giving. Even the few lowlifes that give everyone else a bad name.

    Tagline: Ignite change.

  • Why there are no starving children in this ad.

    Dirty faces. Sad eyes. Distended bellies. It’s an old approach that just doesn’t grab you anymore. So you turn the page. Nothing happens. Nothing changes. That is, until today. Now there’s a new way to increase donations to charities. And it isn’t about manipulating emotions. Instead, Charitableway performs a very simple function: we connect people and companies to the causes and organizations they care about. and by doing that, we allow more people to give more money to more charities than ever before.
    Fine, you say. Noble enough. But I already have a good workplace giving program. To which we reply: Maybe not. Because once you start a program, chances are you have to baby sit the whole thing. You have to make sure everyone gets involved. Organize all the paperwork. Write memos. Disburse the pledge forms. Collect them again. Input the data to payroll. Report the results. Was it effective? Did it help? More paper. More time. More manpower.
    That whole downside is exactly what Charitableway is changing with the Workplace Giving Center. It’s a business tool. A completely automated one that manages the entire donation process for you online. Without paperwork. Which alone is reason enough to check it out. But through the Workplace Giving Center you do something of much greater value for your company – you ignite it.
    Every company has a certain set of principles by which it operates. Just as its employees have a certain set of beliefs. Things they feel passionate about. The Workplace Giving Center can be customized to reflect those principles and ignite individual passions. With each visit to the site, employees become engaged in learning more about organizations that matter to them. So giving becomes much more personal. More relevant. The whole company feels motivated to donate. Soon, you’ve transformed your old giving program into one that accomplishes more – on every level. One that connects you to the local community and supports your current partnerships. One that reflects who your employees are and what your company stands for. One that works.
    As a simple, far-reaching solution, the Workplace Giving Center benefits everyone, including, ultimately, the starving children in the ad you probably never look at anyway.

    Tagline: Ignite change.