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  • With any luck, the insurance policy has our name on it.

    Lost cargo is a reality all shippers face. But the way insurers deal with those losses makes a huge difference. With Fireman’s Fund, you’ll have a claims staff to be grateful for. Not only do they know what they’re doing, they can also help recover as much as possible to protect your claims exposure. Your clients also get the largest in-house marine loss control staff of any U.S. marine insurer.
    Call 1.800.882.4449 to find your local marine branch with vast experience in this and many other specialty insurance products.

  • The IT guy may be priceless, but he can't bankroll $1 million in downtime.

    Luckily, if systems crash your clients won't have to worry about the costs. Because they're covered not only for loss or damage to computers and other electronic equipment, but also for the cost of forfeited work hours and recovering lost data. Fireman's Fund Electronic Equipment Insurance even includes a risk assessment survey to help identify gaps in existing coverage. Call 1.880.882.4449 to find your local marine office and to discover how all of our specialty insurance products make you invaluable.

  • Half-a-ton of spoiled shrimp. Here's why you're not the least bit queasy.

    Because you chose the insurance company that puts you on solid ground, whatever the cargo. Protecting your client with Fireman's Fund means that they get a first-rate, responsive claims department. And because you're backed by the country's largest in-house marine loss control staff, we can help prevent sticky situations like this from ever happening. Call 1.880.882.4449 to find your local marine office and this kind of dedication in all our specialty insurance products.