Logo Hide ‘n Seek

Yahoo News had an interesting article recently about hidden symbols within corporate logos. The FedEx one is probably the most famous, with the reversed-out arrow between the “e” and the “x.” And here are a few more that I found interesting.


I have to admit I never saw the bicyclist in this one, but now that I know the yellow sun is the front wheel and the “r” in “Tour” is the body, with the “o” being the back wheel, I wonder how I ever missed it.




Here’s another one I never saw until it was pointed out to me. Do you see the sideways Kiss? Look between the “k” and the “i.”




Finally, one of my favorite websites to peruse is Amazon. But I never understood the yellow half-circle under the logo, which I thought was a cheesy smile. Turns out it isn’t. It’s an arrow that goes, if you notice, from the “A” to the “z,” a subtle message that you can find just about anything at Amazon.com. Which is actually true. Still looks a little cheesy, though. But they get a pass because both A Tale of Two Cities and World War Z were great books.

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