Reading rocks

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to read. There’s just nothing like escaping into a good book. I have many favorites, and could talk about books ad nauseum. When I’m feeling stressed or anxious or overwhelmed, I visit a bookstore. The smell of the books, their interesting covers, the way they feel in my hand, their millions of pages full of possibility – the combined effect is a calming influence that recharges me and makes me glad to be alive.

My mother is a voracious reader too, and that’s likely where I got it from. So I had to share the high points from an article I saw online recently, extolling the virtues of introducing kids to books early in life. There have been studies that show the amazing effects books have on kids as young as ten months old. Kids who read, or are read to develop larger vocabularies, learn to pay attention and focus [critical to success in school], and develop a greater sense of intimacy [when read to, at any age].

Here are a few favorites I highly recommend:



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