Oh, wow. You do this too?

Writers write, naturally, but I can also deliver the strategic thinking around the brand and all that entails. I have done extensive work with clients to deliver the important documents that serve as a foundation for the cool stuff that comes after. I can develop, write, and craft things like:

Brand workshops

Participatory workshops custom-designed for each client. Key stakeholders who participate complete a variety of exercises with the goal of defining the brand in concrete terms – including the competitive set, target audience(s), brand promise, brand personality, and value propositions. Workshops range from four hours to two days, depending on client goals and needs, and are intense yet inspirational and highly productive initiatives that provide clarity, consistency, and business value for client teams and the brand entrusted to them.

Brand platform documents

The outcome of a brand workshop, these documents serve as the foundation upon which all creative and business decisions can be made.

Message houses

Deep-dive research into an industry (or a vertical within an industry) as well as the target audience(s) for a brand or a specific initiative of the brand. The goal is to determine what value propositions will resonate most strongly with the target. It covers the market situation, industry trends, audience psychographics, and how these affect the time, place, and nature of your communications. These often include sample marketing copy that can be used by client teams in a variety of executions.

Brand manifestos

Similar to a brand platform document, a manifesto helps define the brand for employees, potential employees, partners, investors, and other key stakeholders. It generally has a less analytical approach, and explains the brand in a more consumer-friendly manner. Manifestos can be shared with customers, the media, and anyone who is curious to know what a brand “stands for” but is not an ideal audience for the more internally-facing brand platform document.

Stakeholder interviews findings documents

Clients have many reasons for conducting primary research, from taking the temperature of their own client base to simple user testing of a website or internal resource portal. Whatever the case, the basic procedure is:

  • Formulate interview questions (in collaboration with client)
  • Select interviewees (with client input)
  • Conduct interviews (these are recorded and/or transcribed)
  • Compile results
  • Present findings (format determined by scope of work and client wishes)

Audit and recommendations documents

Web audits for user experience as well as IA/content. These may or may not include stakeholder interviews, but in all cases a formal findings and recommendations document is delivered to the client. This document serves as a jumping-off point for marketing programs and other key initiatives, all based on the needs the process uncovers.

If you’d like to talk more about these types of projects and see some of the work I’ve done in this field, I’d be happy to share more information.